Where do you Struggle the Most?

I recently posted on my instagram story a quote that went something like this: “Every love story is different and has something to teach. The most challenging of loves usually holds the biggest lessons!”

Thats the truth, isn’t it? The lessons may vary from person to person depending on what challenges them the most. For some its lack of effective communication, for others is lack of personal boundaries. Either way the struggle is real and can greatly effect the quality of your choices when it comes to relationships.

I’ve always said that relationships are hard work! I know, this work can be daunting and confronting. Who wants to look at whats wrong in their relationships and come to realize that maybe its me? Pass! But I can assure you, that the benefits of self improvement in relationships can benefit you a lot. The greater the difficulties we endure and overcome the greater the reward on the other side! Another truth!

I ‘ve always struggled with effective communication, personal boundaries and intimacy when it comes to relationships myself, coming from a highly dysfunctional family dynamic I grew up feeling lost and struggled a lot with my personal relationships. But there was light at the end of the tunnel and just because our families might not have carried the tools needed for effective and healthy parenting, doesn’t mean that things cannot improve and transform into something beautiful.

What helped me the most?

  • Learning from others what healthy relationships are.
  • Self help programs
  • The drive for Self improvement
  • Getting really honest with myself .
  • Learning to take responsibility for my feelings and behavior.
  • A need to experience healthy love because I was so tired of getting crumbs when I knew I deserved better.
  • Practicing Self Care. An example is doing a daily feelings check so that I know where I am at and what I need.

How Do I do a feelings Check?

Simply look at the chart below and see where you are at now. How are you feeling about your relationships now? How are you feeling about your Partner now? About yourself? Or about the day you’ve had?

I am always looking to improve my content so I’ve posted below a Relationship Survey.

Where do you Struggle the most?

Relationship Survey

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