What Type of Relationship do You Have?

It can be daunting to try and realize or understand what type of relationship we have or we tend to attract.

According to experts there are 5 types of relationships. Lets look at them shall we!

  1. Competitive / Controlling This is a tug of war of who’s better. Who’s choices are better, who’s job is better, who makes more money, often ending up in explosive arguments where no one really ends up winning. The battle of the Egos!
  2. Active / Passive. In this type of relationship one is usually in charge, making all the important decisions, and the other one goes along with everything. Here, the relationship often is highly codependent and needy, where the more passive party builds resentment for not speaking out or getting their needs met. As children they were the good ones., often quiet and drawn back. The passive partner also tends to get more often than not overwhelmed and anxious.
  3. Aggressive / Accommodating. Here the one is obviously more aggressive and the other one more accommodating. There is also codependency here exhibiting excessive care taking and also a build up of resentment. The aggressive partner is usually more angry and intimidating often making the other feel guilty and ashamed. The dynamic is explosive and dysfunctional as well.
  4. Disconnected / Parallel lives. Here, the couple is completely disconnected, and not present with each other. Each do their own thing just moving along quite un bothered by anything. It reminds me a bit of the passive type, but all can overlap and exhibit behaviors from the others.
  5. Accepting / Balanced. This type of relationship is the one you want to strive for. Each party is accepting of one another, and there is a balance between both parties. Both parties needs are met and there is little neediness and codependency.

Which one do you think you’re in or usually find yourself in? All of them have a level of toxicity but I would add (as a professional & expert relationship recovery coach) addictive relationships as well. Those ones operate on a whole other level!

Hope this post brings you some clarity into your love lives and relationship dynamics. If you find it scary , its normal, but don’t worry thats what Im here for!

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Resources: Psychology Today

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