I have recently come to see that I have no idea what it means to truly love and accept a romantic partner. Within all my relationship s I have been excessively emotionally dependent, transferring all my insecurities and fears into all my previous romantic partners and until I learn to deal with my Demons I will never attract the relationship I truly deep down want. A healthy intimate relationship.

This is the crux the truth and honesty of where true intimacy begins. It doesn’t begin with the other person nor within the external factors of our environment. What Ive come to learn is that everything begins with us.

If you are looking for another to give you your worth that will never happen until you come to realize that only you can give yourself the worth you are looking for. By working on ourselves and by becoming truly honest and authentic we can then attract worthy people into our lives.

Learn to live in gratitude of every experience in your life for it comes to us in order to awaken us to coming to know the truth of what is worth fighting for. It takes time and courage but perserverance will be rewarded.

Know that you are enough just as you are and that life is a journey of acceptance. Learning to accept and live in the honesty and truth of who you really are, faults and all. 

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