I enjoyed our coach-coachee interaction with Christina very much. Throughout the coaching process I felt safe, guided and appreciated. Christina’s honesty, openness and genuine interest to support people came across in every session and helped me to be relaxed, to be myself and to openly discuss the issues I brought to the coaching sessions. Her approach also helped me focus on and clarify what it is that I want to achieve.” Thank you K.L.

Christina’s structured approach and detailed questions helped me get to the bottom of where I experience blocks in my relationships. Her attention to detail really enabled me to go beneath surface layers to explore hidden emotions. In this way I was able to come up with practical solutions to help me become aware of when I am in emotional blockages. I particularly enjoyed her positivity and how she continuously checked in with me along the way. I felt supported and empowered.”  A.M.K.

It has been a real pleasure to have been coached by Christina. What impresses me most is her level of involvement in my deep feelings and emotions, as well as her powerful yet easy to understand questions. Apart from that, she is also able to help me to focus on feasible commitments in each session, which moves me forward in a practical way. Christina is a great coach that would highly recommend!” W.P.

“Christina is a excellent communicator, an essential trait for a successful coach or counselling professional. She listens tentatively to every minuet detail of each session , analysing carefully and thoughtfully, and guiding you along in a very personal journey of self discovery, at your own pace.
The sessions are unique with a high focus on achieving Results . Christina and I realised one session was not enough for my situation and we ended up doing three. From an individual who is obsessed with time and efficiency productivity , all three sessions were well worth the investment.”