Couples Counseling

Is couples counseling right for us? 

You won’t know unless you try! If you are committed to saving your relationship then couples coaching is for you! The counselor acts as a mediator between the couple to help untangle unresolved conflicts due to poor communication. Often how we communicate rarely sends the right message to our partner.  Effective communication is an art and takes practice! It is one of the fundamentals of any successful, long-lasting relationship. When we don’t communicate clearly our feelings wants and needs, our words can create confusion and conflict for both. When conflict is not resolved, it builds & creates separation, emotional detachment, isolation & indifference. I can help you get past all the verbal garbage right down to the truth of what each of you are really feeling & trying to say.  Learning to verbalize these feelings effectively helps create clarity, conflict resolution, and empathy between the couple. We also work on healing trust issues, healthy boundaries, and learning to take care of your love as a couple and yourselves individually.

The Benefits of Couples Counseling:

– Developing healthy boundaries
– Restoring trust
– Effective communication
– Creating a life outside the relationship
– Building and restoring intimacy
– Understanding each other’s needs and wants

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