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This program is tailored for single moms who want to heal from past trauma and toxic relationships by creating an empowering, confident mindset in order to attract their ideal partner so they never have to settle for less in love again! We build an empowering, confident mindset by identifying & removing limiting beliefs, stories, and attitudes that keep you stuck…

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I help single moms heal from past trauma and toxic relationships by creating an empowering, confident mindset to attract their ideal partner. We go deep into your past identifying and removing limiting beliefs, stories, and any blocks preventing you from attracting your ideal partner. The goal is to heal the past, move forward with confidence so you begin to choose…

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Here we create a feasible action plan and strategy for client to understand what he/she needs to do in order to make that change. In relationship coaching the change is emotional transformation. We create inspired action to reach your target!

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Here, what matters is what steps can be taken to overcome obstacles, fears, limitations etc. The client can begin to realize that maybe they focused too much on what couldn’t be done and now build awareness on what can be done in order to move forward.

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We get really specific on your goals – what you want and what does that look like.

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The client approaches the coach with a relationship/dating area that needs to be resolved.


During my sessions, I will create a safe, comfortable & trusting environment for you to open yourself to sharing. This will enable you to acquire new information, learning, receiving feedback, and most importantly be open to change. If you keep yourself blocked the transformation you seek will not manifest. The first steps towards positive change are being open, honest, and…

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Skype coaching is as effective as coaching in person and the process is no different. In fact, online coaching can be more effective because there are sometimes fewer disruptions.

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Is couples counseling right for us?  You won’t know unless you try! If you are committed to saving your relationship then couples coaching is for you! The counselor acts as a mediator between the couple to help untangle unresolved conflicts due to poor communication. Often how we communicate rarely sends the right message to our partner.  Effective communication is an…

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A 1:1 program tailored for women with baggage who need help leveraging the law of attraction to find their soul mate by creating a revolutionary dating mindset so that they never have to settle again! Pay in full. If you feel at any point that this coaching program is not for you, we stop. All unused coaching sessions will be…