I Can Always count on Mr. Anxious

Welcome to todays blog. I was on the fence on writing about anxiety. It’s a popular subject! Everyone experiences it and its a normal human emotion, so I’ve decided to take a stab at it.

The question is, what level is your anxiety at and how does it affect you? Moreover, what can we do to help ourselves so we don’t end up feeling so powerless, hopeless and overwhelmed?

I’d like to focus on portraying my experience of anxiety and attempt at answering the questions I brought forth above. First, at what level is my anxiety today? Well, starting from Sunday evening my anxiety starts to peek its weary head because of the new week ahead. Its pretty standard. I can always count on Mr. anxious Monday morning.

Thoughts that go through my mind on Sunday evening are all negative like, what if I don’t have enough money this week to pay my bills? What if something goes wrong? What if I can’t handle something?

On a scale of 1 – 10, my anxiety is at a 7 on Monday, which is pretty high. Its not as high as it used to be but a 7 is up there. My ideal number would be zero! Thats my goal.

Now that Im writing all this, a realization just hit me! Out of all these “What ifs” the one that lays at the center is : “What if I can’t handle what life throws my way?” What I’m really scared about is my ability or lack thereof, to handle any curve ball the universe decides to throw my way. So, I am essential doubting my capabilities and doubting myself.

This is not how I want to be taking caring of myself. Doubting myself does more harm than good and it does not serve me. I ask myself, if I loved myself would I doubt my ability to handle the unknown? Well, the answer to that is NO, I wouldn’t.

If you have kids, do you doubt your child’s capabilities or would you rather instill confidence in them to handle what ever comes their way?

I’ve come to learn that at the root of anxiety lays fear. For some the fear is toxic, for others its manageable. If you can manage your fears and anxieties well then I say congratulations! You have overcome a hurdle that for many seems insurmountable. It was so for me as well for a long time.

Today my anxiety is still there, but its manageable, I can face it. It’s about self care and ways of helping myself. Its about learning to empower myself and that means putting myself first. One vital aspect of that is getting to know ourselves. Getting to know ourselves means becoming aware of how we work on the inside. What triggers us, what inspires us, what scares us and what brings us joy and happiness. Our limiting beliefs are also part of that process and coming to understand that they re just beliefs and not valid, can help us change.

This entails a little soul searching.

This blog has been somewhat therapeutic for me today, since I realized what my bottom line fear is surrounding my anxiety. Now, with this information I can work on it. I can work on using tools which will enhance my self confidence and diminish my self doubts!

The tools I use on a daily bases are meditation, journal writing, blogging and sharing with close likeminded people in my life about what is going on for me. Connection and support are important.

At what level is your anxiety on Monday morning or any other given day of the week? What are your goals surrounding anxiety? At what number would you like to be ideally on a scale of 1-10? What can you do to enhance self confidence and diminish self doubt?

If you can honestly answer these questions for yourself, you have digested some truths that may be of value for your self growth moving forward.

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