There is no easy way. What ever you do, its going to be hard.

Toxic & abusive relationships are the hardest to get out of and its victims are subjected to copious amounts of pain, guilt & shame.


  • They exhibit extreme fluctuating emotions of elation & sadness, creating similar chaos, desperation and hopelessness shown in addiction.
  • One of the parties is the instigator of such chaos called the abuser. They exhibit narcissistic tendencies, gas lighting & lying, making their victim feel crazy, and are highly manipulative.
  • They are usually themselves in some sort of active addiction.
  • They give empty promises enabling & building up their victim to feel ecstatic at the prospect of a new promised “changed behavior” only to be let down again. Each time you’re let down, the pain gets stronger, the lows gets lower and It gets harder to let go.
  • The victim suffers great amounts of shame & guilt. They feel powerless to leave, find themselves going back every time despite the silent promises they’ve made to themselves, that this will be the last time.

People who are in a toxic relationship cannot change alone. They need support.

First things first!

Block, delete & remove !!!

You must erase all traces of them from your life if you want to heal and move towards healthier, more loving, peaceful & balanced life.

The abuser will never leave you. You are their source of power and esteem. The more pain they cause, the stronger they feel, their victim gives them a sense of self. Without them , they are completely lost. You must leave them.

See the movie “Sleeping with the Enemy” with Julia Roberts!

How does Healing Work?

  • Healing can begin only when you cut all contact.
  • Diving deep into your past to identify childhood trauma & programming that might be repeating in the form of a toxic relationship pattern.
  • Removing the pattern by building self awareness & taking baby action steps day by day.
  • Using tools and exercises to tell your story, allowing difficult feelings of shame & guilt to surface, be felt and then released in a safe space of trust, compassion & empathy.
  • Learn new ways of re connecting to your self, learning self acceptance, self love and coming to forgive yourself for the choices you’ve made.
  • Creating a new vision for your life that is healthier, happier, more peaceful and balanced.
  • Creating a self care ritual / activities that enhance self love everyday.

Hope this helps someone out there! If you or anyone you know is suffering from a toxic, abusive relationship get help now!

I also work with people who are in toxic relationships . I help them get through the grieving process of the break up, teach them how to stay away, we identify and remove any blocks & limiting beliefs that are holding you back and keeping you stuck. I create a safe space of trust, compassion & empathy in order to heal & grow so more love, peace and balance can enter your life.

Lets talk!

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