Fear as our greatest source of power

Fear if channeled correctly can be our greatest source of power.  As a basic human emotion, fear can cause trouble when we allow it to consume us enabling us to stay stuck and depressed. It can render you hopeless, powerless, and helpless for days, months and even for years, affecting the quality of our lives.

The most common phrase about fear that most of us have heard, is “face your fears,” but no one really knows what this means! At least I didn’t until I learned for myself. Facing your fears means doing what you actually fear the most, and this may sound simple enough but it is not ! Which is why I have come to learn that God works in mysterious ways.

In order to overcome, overturn, and surpass your fears you must act on them.  Whether its saying I love you for the first time to your partner, or quitting your unfulfilling job, or leaving your abusive, unhealthy relationship. By actually taking an action step towards doing these things, you are facing your fears and not only, but kicking them in the butt! When you take courageous action with fear you take back your power, because you have taken control and not allowed your emotions to control you.  The only thing that is needed is courage to do so. When I say God works in mysterious ways, I mean that He doesn’t make it easy for us to reach our potential, to feel our power, to feel unconditional love, all these positive emotions that give us a more abundant experience of life.  To appreciate something good you must first experience the bad. To see the light, you must first go to the darkness and people are afraid of going to the darkness because they think they’re going to die if they do!  Nothing could be further from the truth. Courage is the vehicle that will get you from darkness to light, from fearful to fearless and the only way to gain courage is to learn to know yourself first.

When I write these things, I come from experience because one of my greatest fears is the fear of being seen. This one is huge for me. As a child I wanted to be invisible and I tried everything in my power to do so, and let me tell you something about human power, when we want something bad enough we’ll do anything to get it, no matter if its good for us or not. So I stayed small, didn’t talk, sat at the last desk in the far end corner of my class room, had bad posture, slouched shoulders, quiet voice. I knew very well how to keep my self hidden from the outside world.  Coming back to today, although I have made progress socially, I still have that fear deep inside of me, that if I am seen for who I really am I’ll be judged, and if I am judged I won’t be liked, and if I am not liked then I am not worthy of being loved, and if I am not worthy of being loved I will end up dying alone!

It is amazing our inner monologue if we become aware of it. I am currently building my own online coaching business and I am currently in the process of gathering my audience in order to gather a client list. The process of gathering my audience is not an easy task because the main source of advertisement is through social media.  Putting yourself out there on social media is nerve wracking , difficult to say the least, and extremely scary and frustrating. There are so many people trying to get their message out through social media it seems impossible to make anyone hear your message. However, that doesn’t derail me, because I have a mission, and that mission is to help as many people as possible deal and overcome their trauma and come into their own power and potential.  One of my tasks at hand is to make live videos on facebook.  I was resisting this for so long for all of the reasons above, so you can imagine how challenging this task was for me. I resisted for days, which kept me small, stuck, anxious, fearful, all these negative emotions persisting for months. Until one day, I decided, enough is enough, and I went live! I cannot tell you how scared I was in the beginning, I thought I was going to die. However, I also can’t specify enough the feeling I had once I had done it and completed my task.

I felt powerful, courageous, strong, big and unstoppable! I felt like Rocky when he finished climbing those steps along with the song theme Eye of the Tiger!  I felt like I could do anything and that nothing can stop me. This is something that you have to experience and by experiencing something it has to be felt. That is the only way someone can truly understand someone else’s perspective is if they have felt it. I encourage you to go out there and do one thing that scares you the most no matter how small or big it is, just gather up that courage and do it! The benefits that are waiting for you on the other side are immense. I guarantee it! 

About Christina Kyranis

A Relationship counselor and coach

I will always be interested in self-improvement and growth, for without them my soul will spiritually die. Mine is a journey of continually realizing my true self. My purpose is to help you reach the truest version of yourself. "Success in any endeavor depends on the degree to which it is an expression of your true self." Ralph Marston

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