Let me say this guys! I read posts on social media everyday for my work, doing market research looking and searching for what people are saying about their relationships, what people need and want most in terms of love and partnership and I want to say is that I think we as women put way too much pressure and unrealistic expectations on men.

Men are not fairy God mothers to make every little fantasy a dream come true for us and vice versa. We’re human and flawed. Happiness is an inside job that is a daily practice and takes action doing things that make you happy that you love. It’s our responsibility to make ourselves happy joyous and fulfilled. Then you find someone to share it with.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but placing 100% expectation on your partner to make you “Happy” is unrealistic. Its more like 25/75, 25% coming from your partner in the form of fulfillment and meeting your needs and 75 % is yours.

Fulfillment, happiness and joy is a daily practice of taking action for yourself.

Relationships are about sharing and giving . No one can give from an empty cup.

So fill your own cup up so when you do find someone, your cups can overflow together.

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