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How do I know we’re compatible

When talking about romantic relationships its important to establish one of the more important attributes that makes relationships work. Is it chemistry? Or is it compatibility? It takes a lot to make a relationship work but one of the chief components of a successful partnership is compatibility and not chemistry as some would imagine. Here, we will examine why compatibility…

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Suggested books on healthy relationships & books to consult before dating

If the Buddha Dated: a Handbook for Finding Love on the Spiritual Path, by Charlotte Sophia Kasl Easy Does it Dating Guide for People in Recovery, by Mary Faulkner Calling in “The One”, by Katherine Woodward Thomas How to be an Adult in Relationships, David Richo Getting the Love you Want, Harville Hendricks Couple Skills, Matthew McKay The Five Love…

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Why am I an addict?

What is addiction? Addiction is defined in the Cambridge English dictionary, as an inability to stop doing or using something that is harmful. Addiction can take on many forms and come in many disguises. In today’s world there are ampul things to be addicted to from food to sex, substances, television, Netflix, and social media distraction addiction. The list goes…