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Vincent Ehindero Award

Thank you Vincent Ehindero for nominating me for the Vincent Ehindero Award, I happily accept. It feels really nice to be acknowledged within my blogging community for my writing and it urges me to continue with confidence! Please visit Vincents blog, he’s very warm, friendly and welcoming within this community. His blogs are very helpful and inspirational. Award Rules Thank the person…

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I recently read a true definition of the word love. Although if you ask someone what it is, often you will get something different from everyone. Everyone has their own definition of it, according to their experience of it. Some say love is pain, some say love is to suffer. Love is fear, love is hard , and the list…

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She’s all heart

This is for all you women out there who are feeling unseen, unheard, isolated, alone and totally disconnected from your spouse and partner. The only difference between a woman who is fighting with her husband because she feels unseen, unheard, isolated, alone and disconnected from her partner who has reached an emotional threshold where she wants to leave but is…

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