Attitude of Gratitude

Practing gratitude is a great way to start your day! It’s not as easy as one might think and when I first came across the notion I thought: what the heck are they talking about? It was so far  away from me, I had to learn the how and the why of it.

Being in a state of happiness I learnt takes conscious effort. When I was younger I had an attitude of entitlement and thought the world owed me a living. I thought since I’m such a good person that I deserved what I wanted when I wanted it and when things did t go my way I would get angry and harbor resentments until I reached  a point of such unhappiness that I started to search for different answers.  What I  came across is the answers to my dilemma are not found in the world outside me, but internally. Everything I was looking for is inside me.  But how do I tap into that potential? The answers to that are key. It takes practice work effort and personal commitment.

I have come to believe that in order to receive I have to give first. And in order to be in a state of happiness I must do the work. Work for me is self care. That can be a daily practice of meditation, journaling, exercising and feeding my body with healthy delicious food. Achieving a state of gratitude is making a list of 10 things I’m greatful for today, then that list grows day by day.

This is what I do to practice gratitude and be in a state of happiness. That doesn’t mean that some days are t bad, it means I can balance back to my happy state faster with just a few tools I use!

What do you do stay happy?


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