Attitude of Gratitude

Practing gratitude is a great way to start your day! It’s not as easy as one might think and when I first came across the notion I thought: what the heck are they talking about? It was so far  away from me, I had to learn the how and the why of it.

Being in a state of happiness I learnt takes conscious effort. When I was younger I had an attitude of entitlement and thought the world owed me a living. I thought since I’m such a good person that I deserved what I wanted when I wanted it and when things did t go my way I would get angry and harbor resentments until I reached  a point of such unhappiness that I started to search for different answers.  What I  came across is the answers to my dilemma are not found in the world outside me, but internally. Everything I was looking for is inside me.  But how do I tap into that potential? The answers to that are key. It takes practice work effort and personal commitment.

I have come to believe that in order to receive I have to give first. And in order to be in a state of happiness I must do the work. Work for me is self care. That can be a daily practice of meditation, journaling, exercising and feeding my body with healthy delicious food. Achieving a state of gratitude is making a list of 10 things I’m greatful for today, then that list grows day by day.

This is what I do to practice gratitude and be in a state of happiness. That doesn’t mean that some days are t bad, it means I can balance back to my happy state faster with just a few tools I use!

What do you do stay happy?


About Christina Kyranis

A Relationship counselor and coach

I will always be interested in self-improvement and growth, for without them my soul will spiritually die. Mine is a journey of continually realizing my true self. My purpose is to help you reach the truest version of yourself. "Success in any endeavor depends on the degree to which it is an expression of your true self." Ralph Marston

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