About Christina’s Relationship Coaching….

BS in Marketing
ACC / Associate Certified Coach

My method is one of empathetic listening, acceptance & a gentle guidance towards emotional freedom. I take you on a heart felt journey of self discovery that is moving, honest and up-lifting.

I help free you of toxic relationships by connecting you back to your authentic self through the process of self discovery. When you are connected to your true self you can make choices that are aligned to your true nature, your core human values and ultimately your heart. From this place you are able to experience life from a higher vibrational perspective.

No one is damaged and we do not need to be fixed. Rather, my approach is a process which uncovers what already dwells within.  Through the process of listening and acceptance, I create a safe space where the unveiling of your truest nature can emerge.

When we listen with empathy and exhibit feelings of identification with another’s story, we tend not to feel so alone. Sharing can be a powerful healing tool. Once we can share our feelings we can begin to make room for change. Rather than feeling controlled by our circumstances and negative emotions, we can take back our power and begin to see that we posses the ability to change those circumstances.

By feeling heard, seen and accepted we begin to accept ourselves in return. Through acceptance we learn to love and empower ourselves. This is where true healing manifests and where we can learn to practice self care, enhancing our self worth in order to make healthier choices that are more aligned to our true nature.

Another part of our work together is identifying and removing your limiting beliefs & negative patterns which keep you stuck and prevent you from achieving your highest potential. Together we create a feasible plan that gets you living a life of fulfillment, love, genuine connection, and overall healthier relationships, all the while coming from your highest self. Often we can feel helpless and hopeless, like we don’t have a choice. I am here to remind you that you do have a choice, you are powerful and you do not need to settle!

Connecting to ourselves is the bedrock of all relationships and the way we relate to ourselves will be the manner in which we relate to others. The foundation of my coaching practice lays in cultivating your self love, self worth and self empowerment in order to be true to yourself, your feelings, wants and needs, so that you are able to make better choices, choices that are more aligned to what you really deserve.  

In my relationship coaching you will learn to value yourself which will empower you so that you will not accept anything less than what you need, want and deserve.

We cannot be true to another, unless we are true to ourselves.

“Acceptance looks like a passive state, but in reality it brings something entirely new into this world. That peace, a subtle energy vibration, is consciousness.

Eckhart Tolle

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