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Beliefs & Values
I help Single Moms heal from past trauma & toxic relationships by creating an empowering, confident mindset to attract their ideal partner. By creating an empowering confident mindset you begin to release what no longer serves you and choose only healthy, loving & caring partnerships.
Not only am I a certified relationship coach, but I am also a trauma survivor with loads of baggage! I’ve been in toxic, abusive relationships all my life & what it’s left me with is two lovely children and heaps of learning experiences. The only way I was able to stop the toxic cycle was when I decided to get help. Through my own therapeutic process, I was able to get over these relationships, break the toxic cycle, learn to love myself more, and conquer my fears. Today I know that it’s better to be single than to settle. I say YES to what I truly want & NO to what I don’t want. Today I love myself enough to put myself first.
My method is one of empathetic listening, compassion & gentle guidance towards your true self. By identifying & removing limiting beliefs and blocks I reconnect you to your authentic self, whereby you realign yourself to who you really are & what you truly want. I help you find your ideal partner by identifying your core human values, creating a dating plan that works for you & gaining clarity on what your ideal relationship should look like & feel like.

Christina Kyranis – Bs in Marketing / La Verne University, ACSTH Approved Coach Specific Training Hours/ Elite Coaching Center

Counseling Certificate

The Stories of Success

It has been a real pleasure to have been coached by Christina. What impresses me most is her level of involvement in my deep feelings and emotions, as well as her powerful yet easy to understand questions. Apart from that, she is also able to help me to focus on feasible commitments in each session, which moves me forward in a practical way. Christina is a great coach that would highly recommend!” 


Christina’s structured approach and detailed questions helped me get to the bottom of where I experience blocks in my relationships. Her attention to detail really enabled me to go beneath surface layers to explore hidden emotions. In this way, I was able to come up with practical solutions to help me become aware of when I am in emotional blockages. I particularly enjoyed her positivity and how she continuously checked in with me along the way. I felt supported and empowered.”  


enjoyed our coach-coachee interaction with Christina very much. Throughout the coaching process, I felt safe, guided, and appreciated. Christina’s honesty, openness, and genuine interest to support people came across in every session and helped me to be relaxed, to be myself, and to openly discuss the issues I brought to the coaching sessions. Her approach also helped me focus on and clarify what it is that I want to achieve.” Thank you


My Mission

I Put my Mission Into Practice Every Day by ...

The mission of my relationship coaching is to realign & reconnect single moms to their authentic selves, so they may experience healthy, fulfilling love. A love they truly deserve!

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