I am a Super Codependent not a Super Hero!

I’ve woken up on a Monday morning feeling anxiety and overwhelm. Here in Greece its the first day that shops have opened since the lockdown. So, the lockdown is officially over. No more messaging, or filling out papers stating where we’re going and why. Its a relief on one hand, but on the other, its created a lot of anxiety. If its not one thing, its the other! We humans are a peculiar bunch. Never satisfied!

Things are going back to normal slowly, slowly, but we still have to abide to certain rules, such as wearing a mask at all times when we’re out and in closed confined spaces. Easy enough. Its not that, that worries me.

I know myself pretty well by now and know that change brings up fear and anxiety for me almost always. I am a person who needs time to process. If I don’t give this time to myself things become unmanageable for me and thats not good.

Whats come up for me today right now as I’m writing is what I teach as a coach and today I’ve forgotten whats most important.

Self care, self love and knowing when its time to come back to me. Grounding myself and connecting to myself is paramount because without it I become nasty to myself and others. It affects my relationships with my children, my friends and my family.

In the past I would have wallowed in self pity lingering on negative thoughts like, poor me, Im all alone and helpless and hopeless, no one has it worse than me! I would wait and expect others to save me, and when they didn’t I’d get mad! Those thoughts and behaviors are very dangerous for a person like myself with my tendencies.

Through my own journey of self discovery what I’ve taken away is, I have to put myself first because I am a super codependent and not a super hero and I need to HALT! I over extend, I over please, I over accommodate, I over give! I over do… to the detriment of myself and my needs.

Thank God I have supportive people I can turn to . This is the second thing that IS vital! You need a support system! Everyone does. Maybe some more than others, ok. !! But if you’re anything like me, you definitely need support . This notion was one of the key reasons for becoming a coach. I remembered the times where I had no support and longed for it. It s a horrible feeling, feeling totally alone. Mind you, I was to blame for that because I never reached out to people. I was always too afraid.

I am so grateful today that I did reach out and thats what I want people to know, that you are not alone, you are enough and you are loved. There is support for you if you only ask for it. You can achieve your dreams, and you deserve all the love in the world.!

This brings me to my last thought of this blog post. I running an idea, or more of an offer Id like to try out in order to give people support they need at this challenging time.

So this is what I’m doing:

I’m currently practicing my coaching skills and Im searching for people who are interested in being coached. I’m offering one 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions for free.

If you are interested please click here to book alternatively comment below or email me!

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  1. A great uplifting post! Stay Well.

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      1. You’re welcome!

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  2. Eliza says:

    Good luck

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  3. I totally agree about connecting with oneself. It’s so hard sometimes. Good luck with the new coaching offer! πŸ™‚

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