Self Discovery Coaching

People are happiest when they live in alignment to their true nature, make choices that are congruent to their core human values, and make choices that come from their heart both inside and outside of their relationship.

In self discovery coaching we address questions such as, Who are you? What do you want? and How do you get it?

We identify your core values, your relationship patterns, your limiting beliefs, your goals, needs and wants both inside and outside your relationship.

For more information contact me.

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  1. I personally believe that its actually more about what a person understands is the purpose of their own lives and what that means when applied to others to see if true root or core values derived from clear belief in that primary purpose driven life outside of themselves and hope together they can as a team achieve the first goal of serving that purpose and not self; otherwise ego and many insecurities abound within individuals and everyone else because of the dichotomy of life, full of imperfections; which can only lead to conflict or seeking to dominate and control each other. Serving self as the core or primary initiative is fatally flawed and open to all manner of conflict and failure! Human beings on their own are incapable of achieving some state of total balance and harmony with all things on their own without running into man-made conflicting circumstances, if all people are their own serving self-interests, and so then trying to apply their own individual concocted templates to life in general will certainly not align with many others who apply their own self focused template. This is why the world is a mess and has been right along since man’s coming out of a cave and into the light!
    Happy Easter.


    1. i agree! I not talking about serving the ego. I am coming from the perspective that in order to be in a healthy relationship that is mutually fulfilling one has to discovery themselves. Purpose is also a part of that. But as human beings we are perfectly divine beautiful beings and that should be celebrated and loved. I am coming from a self love and self caring point of view, coming from the heart, not the Ego. The ego lives in the mind. Two totally different constructs. thanks for reading and commenting!!

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      1. Hey Christina, Happy Easter here!!! I’m glad you cleared that up; I don’t need any other disappointments especially where people are concerned; I mean good Lord look around the world is teetering on threads it seems! Lately I’ve been getting my share of additional headaches with health, my furnace for heat broke and so I ended up basically while sick in my chest not knowing if its Wuhan Corona, having to refurbish all the parts I could and reassemble them, without heat a couple of days, but still working many hours in the dank chilly basement I was only successful in restoring it until I drove to the capital city to get a plastic coupler an $8.00 part after all that aggravation, then finally the heat was on! After that fiasco I couldn’t allow anyone to take risks during this pandemic for me and go round up a couple of shopping carts of food which I was out of; so I suited up best I could and went into the market for an hour and a half on my grocery mission. I’m not a quitter, but after what people have done directly to me over the last dozen years I know the hard way there are way too many stinkers and not enough kind heartened do goodies; at least not where I’m from, it’s like every man and woman for themselves these days, who can one really trust! I try to look past all of that and chalk it up to the fact that people are what they are, and we do have a very trying pressure filled world going. Say for example the President of the US, how can one person take on all these headaches and massive responsibilities while being attacked by fools that ruin more than they accomplish helping, unless that person is well equipped and wise along with physically loaded with energy! That is a tough nut to crack as my dad would say! God Bless Him and all hard working good persons trying to make a difference in this God forsaken mess of a world! Sad but true in my eyes, but the caveat is we have to look for the GOOD, no choice and that is that! I believe that is where you are coming from! Correct me if I slipped here, but hopefully all is well that ends well. Oh and I guess we can say I was loving myself and caring for myself by myself, so that is all good right! Obviously if anyone was with me besides my dog i would be doing for that person as much as for myself! Seems simple enough to get that sort of thing going, at least on paper as they say, but look at all of the divorcees! God bless you and yours.


  2. Sorry Happy Easter “There!”

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  3. Eliza says:

    You put your entire post almost all in the heading. 💕💕💕

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    1. I know…. it was a bit of an oopsie!!

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