Silver Linings

Hello my fellow bloggers! I hope you’re all happy, healthy and safe. It’s been an interesting last couple of weeks at home, I must say.

I find that I am rather enjoying the lockdown to tell you the honest truth.

I believe that if I look hard enough and pay attention, I can always find a silver lining to every hardship and adversity. When I can look at my life that way I am nearly always coming out on the other side with something to gain, not excluding having a positive mindset as well.

My silver lining is that in the past few weeks since the lockdown things have slowed down significantly if not completely in some areas. I like this. Compared to my very busy schedule of being a taxi cab driver to my children, work, shopping, cooking cleaning and homework, leaving me with very little time to do things that I love, now I seem to have all the time in world.

My time is precious to me, and recently I’ve had quite a bit of it and for that I have to say that I am grateful. Honest truth, is that I don’t mind staying in the house so much. I mean yes, it is confining, but you see, I am a home bug! I love staying home. I love cooking, reading, blogging and having my coaching sessions. All this makes me feel very content! But what I love even more so is the slow pace of things. The slowing down of things. This suits me. I think this above all is the kind of life I really prefer and enjoy living.

What might be a silver lining for the rest of the world?

Well, I’ve noticed and felt a coming together of the world as a whole. Beneath the suffering, the hardship and the fear, is a sense of, we are all in this together! On social media there has been a inflow of celebrities going live and singing and sending out inspiring messages. There is something settling and reassuring about this. It makes me feel like I am not so alone. There is comfort in knowing we are not the only ones having a particular experience, that everyone else is having the same experience at the same time. Thats amazing and fascinating. There is support to go around, and maybe, just maybe our planet has pressed the re set button. Maybe everything had to stop in order for some healing to take place.

So I urge you to try and find if there is a lesson you’ve learnt amidst all of this.

What, if anything have you learned about yourself during this lockdown and slowing down of the world as we know it?

And remember, try not to fear, for fear weighs down your immune system and we want our immune systems to be strong right now. Our mental state matters!

Practice self care and take this time to reconnect back to you!

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  1. Eliza says:

    I love the unity, and the coming together to help the vulnerable.

    Love, light, and glitter

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    1. thank you for visiting and commenting! light and love!

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