When I’m At My Best

Hi there all! How are you doing ? Things just got super real here in Athens Greece, where I live. Complete lock down, we’re not allowed to go out at all unless its for the bank, supermarket or pharmacy. Plus we have to have a special paper stating the reasons and always have ID with us. If any of these new measure are breached we get 150 euro fine. Governments have done this on purpose because there are people who wont stay inside. Countries like France and I think Spain as well have taken these extreme measures. Europe has so far been hit the worse after China. On that note I wish everyone safety, patience and a capacity to ground yourselves.

In these super scary times its important for us to be able to stay grounded and in the present moment. When we are able to bring ourselves back into the present moment, where ever you are you realize that you are safe.

Fear and anxiety are normal and I would like to say that it is OK to feel scared and anxious. Naming our emotions is helpful, because when we can name what we feel the emotions no longer have power over us, there in lays the capacity to change.

Three things we can do Now to stay grounded and in the present moment:

  • We can name our emotions. Is it fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, jealousy?
  • We can breathe. Click here to see Breathing techniques for beginners.
  • Meditation. Deepack Chopra is a great teacher and healer. Click for beginners meditation.

Good luck and comment below if you were able to apply any of these three things. I would love to hear your experience.

Cheers everyone and stay home and stay safe!

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  1. ashleyleia says:

    It’s really unfortunate that some people haven’t been following public health directions, and unfair to everyone else who’s now facing greater restrictions.

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    1. I know, I guess some people are super stubborn and won’t take the virus seriously. its hard for everyone. thank you for commenting and reading. cheers.

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  2. Thank you for this encouraging post, Christina. As you suggest, I think identifying our feelings helps to process them, and ultimately, move past them. For me, I struggle with anxiety. Acknowledging, breathing, and focusing on the present (and the good!) always helps me. 🕊

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    1. yes, I also suffer from high levels of anxiety and for me fear is under all that. meditation really helps quiet the monkey brain ! Thank you for commenting and reading.

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      1. My pleasure! 😎

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  3. Priya MK says:

    These are tougher times and I never thought staying at home would be this difficult! Thank you for sharing this encouraging post!
    Looking forward to reading more 😊

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    1. thank you for stopping by! stay safe!

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  4. Eliza says:

    Thanks for the reminder to just breathe and just be. Staying present really eases the fear. And keeping away from the news.

    I hope you are doing okay…

    Love, light, and glitter

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