Happy Women’s Day!

Im a firm believer that women feel more empowered when they surround themselves with people who nurture their self esteem and self worth!

My message to all you beautiful, inspiring women out there today is Happy Women’s Day!!

May you practice more self love, self care and self empowerment and be with those who nourish and uplift you, not only today, but everyday!

I encourage you to do something special for yourselves today.

Why? Because you don’t need someone else to confirm your worth, you are perfectly imperfect just the way you are and you can celebrate that any day you want, but particularity today being women’s day is a really good place to start!

Give yourselves a gift and share in the comments below what special thing did you do for yourself?

It can be anything small or big like taking a bubble bath, making myself a healthy meal, taking time out for myself to read a nice book, taking a walk in nature, treating myself to a desert.

I am going to make myself a delicious meal and watch an old movie.

How about you?

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  1. ashleyleia says:

    Happy Women’s Day! I’m going to have a quiet day with my guinea pigs and some yummy dessert.

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    1. yay! thanks for sharing! have a good one!

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