Lost girl – Part 1

Christina Kyranis Certified Relationship Coach

It was 3 A.M. as she lay awake in her bed, eyes wide open. She could not find peace in her busy mind. Thoughts of unease and unhappiness filled her very soul. A deep emptiness came to her as she thought of herself and her life, yet she had no idea why.

She thought she had everything. She was a mother, a wife and had a new home. Everything was suppose to be working, because she had all she ever wanted. Still, the void remained, persisted and controlled every part of her being.

As she lay awake in her bed she thought her relationship with her husband might be the source of her sadness, frustration and emptiness. Most days she felt terribly alone since she was often at home with her baby. “Where’s the support ?” she thought often. “No one is ever here to help me. “

As days…

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