Distraction Addiction

Christina Kyranis Certified Relationship Coach

In this day and age with so much information coming our way there seems to be an overwhelming need to slow down. Through social media and the internet, fast paced technology and worldwide news, leaving us overwhelmed and even more confused than not. People are sharing, commenting, blogging, going live and God knows what else leaving little room to focus on one thing at a time. Seems that our brains have to find a magical way to multi task and focus on a great deal of information coming at us all at once.

Applications such as Podcasts and You Tube have replaced the common radio and television and although technology is growing and improving in lightning speed enabling us to do so many things easier than before, like communication on a world wide basis there is a downfall to all this.

Technology has people feeling restless, tired, impatient, overwhelmed, and…

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  1. This is a really practical post. Distraction addiction is real and common – although I suspect most of us don’t even realize we are falling prey to it. It’s good to step aside from technology and the constant busyness of life, and deliberately make time to to be still.

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    1. yes it sure is. i try to abstain as well from time to time!


    2. thank you for reading and commenting !! 🙂

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