The Secret in Soulmate


“The longest journey that a man must take in his lifetime is the 18 inches from his head to his heart.”

Are you looking for love? Do you feel like something is missing in your life?  Are you tired of being alone? Are you looking for someone to complete you?

Love is what makes the world go round and the search for it is endless as is the search for the “right” one.  The one that will fill us up, take us where we want to go, lead us from our ordinary lives and somehow make it magnificent and complete.  We search and search until we think we have found one amazing person that will lead us in the right direction toward goodness and wholeness. We search for others’ validation, for others’ forgiveness, for the approval we think we are missing. We look for others to fill our void moving from one relationship to another, never allowing time to heal, just rebounding from one person to the next.  Take a break and just breathe for a moment! All I want is a moment of your time because I am about to share some profound wisdom with you.

There is an evolving field of science known as heart therapy.  It’s an emerging field which is based on the concept that if we talk to our hearts, our hearts will respond.  If you remain very silent and envision your heart in your body, you can learn to connect to it by asking questions and listening. The key is to remain very still, quiet, open and receptive so when you pose a question, in the silence you’ll get an answer, an instant feeling, almost like a gut feeling or intuition.  This feeling is your heart speaking to you. With practice, we can learn to trust our selves and learn the difference between what our mind is telling us and what our heart is saying. Its about trusting yourself and allowing this process to take place through meditation.

Your heart is where the truest essence of yourself lays. All the forgiveness and approval you need is there. When you learn to connect to your essence you will find what you’ve been searching for in others all this time. Everything you need is already inside you, and this is a vital concept to understand when looking for a soul mate. What we fail to realise is that we are not just looking for a person to fill our emptiness. What we are actually really searching for are the feelings this person will evoke in us. Therefore, if we are really honest with ourselves, what we are searching for is a feeling. We are searching for feelings of love, fullness, completeness, happiness and joy and in order to attract the right partner you yourself must radiate these feelings. What we must come to understand is that we can manifest these feelings by connecting to our hearts through meditation and  by doing so we connect to the essence of who we really are. When we learn to connect to the love we have inside, the right person will come along to share these feelings and this is where true intimacy can begin and evolve from.

Our partners are a mirror of ourselves and we will find what we feel inside, and what we think about ourselves we will manifest outwardly into our lives. It’s the very simple concept of the law of attraction. We will attract what we feel about ourselves inside. If you are unworthy of yourself with low self esteem you will attract a partner who most likely mis treats you or abuses you.  We accept the love we think we deserve.

Love is whole, pure and abundant. Looking for someone who completes you is coming from a place of lack. There is no lack in love and no one can give you these feelings if you yourself are broken inside. Everything begins with you.

The key in finding the right partner is to cultivate feelings of self love, wholeness, joy, happiness, excitement and peace within ourselves first through practice, and then the right person will come along to share these feelings. No one completes us. That is the most untrue statement of all time. It couldn’t be farthest from the truth. What we need to understand is that we are already complete. We are already enough just as we are. Everything you are looking for is right there inside you.

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