Empower Yourself to Make Better Relationship Choices Through Self Discovery



Hello and welcome to my website. I am Christina Kyranis and I help people make healthier more loving and fulfilling relationship choices by the process of self discovery.

My practice is one of realigning ones self to who they truly are. Under all our layers, lays our true self.  A self that is buried beneath the programming of parents, teachers, limiting belief systems and societal norms.   Meeting our true selves attracts the right people into our lives.  Loving and respecting our selves means we can genuinely love and respect others. By working together, we can uncover your deepest desires, wants, needs and dreams that can lead to more fulfilling and authentic relationships with yourself and others.

My approach provides access to ones inner guide. Together we can uncover your true nature and spirit, one that will attract likeminded people into your life.  By going deep within, we can begin to recognize at what energy you are vibrating at.  The people we attract are mirrors of our inner state of being. So, by doing inner work, we set you up for a higher, more authentic, more positive vibration of you!

My favorite quote is, “to thine own self be true.”  Unless you see your own truth, you cannot see another’s.  Intimacy beings with you.  No one can give from an empty cup. Together we will fill your cup to the top!

The journey towards healing, growth and self discovery is not an easy one, but when we persevere with help and support, we can transform our lives. With perseverance everything reaches its target!


“Love is a state of being. Your love is not outside, it is deep within you. You can never lose it. And it cannot leave you.”  Elkhart Tolle