About Christina…


BS in Marketing – Certified Coach – ACSTC – Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours

Hello and welcome ! I’m a certified relationship coach and I coach women with baggage who need help leveraging the law of attraction to find their soul mate and create a revolutionary dating mindset so that they never have to settle again!

Not only am I a certified relationship coach, Im also a trauma survivor with loads of baggage! I’ve been in toxic, abusive relationships all my life & what its left me with is two lovely children and heaps of learning experiences. The only way I was able to stop the toxic cycle was when I decided to get help. Through my own therapeutic process I was able to get over these relationships, break the toxic cycle, learn to love myself more and conquer my fears. Today I know that its better to be single than to settle. I say YES to what I truly want & NO to what I don’t want. Today I love myself enough to put myself first.

My method is one of empathetic listening, compassion & a gentle guidance towards your true self. By identifying & removing limiting beliefs and blocks I reconnect you to your authentic self, whereby you realign yourself to who you really are & what you truly want. I help you find your soulmate by identifying your core human values, creating a dating plan that works for you & gaining clarity on what your ideal relationship should look like & feel like.

What you’ll Gain :

  • Become desirable by becoming the chooser.
  • Make the law of attraction work for you, effortlessly attracting the right mate to you exactly how you are! The law of attraction is never wrong. It reflects what you feel, think & believe inside. So, if you’re not where you want to be in your relationships, you need to re program, remove, eliminate all thats holding you back, blocking you from finding soulmate love.
  • Clarity on who your soul mate is. In order to do this we first must realign you to who you truly are. Under all our layers, lays our true self.  A self that is buried beneath the programming of parents, teachers, limiting belief systems and societal norms.  Meeting our true selves attracts the right people into our lives.  Loving and respecting our selves means we can genuinely love and respect others.
  • Clarity on who you are, what you want & how to get it.
  • A dating plan that is tailored to your exact needs and life circumstances, whatever baggage you have!
  • I will align you to the values of a mate that is right & compatible to you.
  • Insight to your deepest desires, wants & needs that lead to more fulfilling and authentic relationships with yourself and your soulmate.
  • Identify your core human values by discovering your authentic code.
  • Identify & unblock your negative patterns & limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in repetitive cycles that don’t serve you.
  • Saying YES to what you want & NO to what you don’t want is vital in leveraging the law of attraction.
  • Rituals & activities that bring you deeper intimacy and connection to your self. This is paramount if you want deep intimacy & soulmate connection.
  • De-coding communication . Your inner dialogue. How are you sabotaging yourself?
  • Learn effective communication. Verbalize your feelings , wants and needs in a manner that honors you and your mate.

What’s the Goal?

  • Manifest your soulmate.
  • Never settle again!
  • Have a revolutionary dating mindset.
  • Have a dating plan personally tailored to you and your life circumstances.

The people we attract are essentially mirrors of our inner state of being. In my 12 week 1-1 coaching program we will set you up for a higher, more authentic, more positive vibration of you! Then, you can begin to vibrate on a higher frequency, a frequency that aligns you to who you’re meant to be with by being exactly & effortlessly you!

My favorite quote is, “to thine own self be true.”  Unless you see your own truth, you cannot see another’s.  Intimacy beings with you. 

 With perseverance everything reaches its target!


“Love is a state of being. Your love is not outside, it is deep within you. You can never lose it. And it cannot leave you.”  Elkhart Tolle

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